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Gigawatts Electric is owned by Mike Adams, a licensed electrician with 13 years of experience in the St. Charles area. Gigawatts Electric is licensed in St. Louis county and St Charles county.

Mike has worked in the construction industry since he was a teenager. He loves the opportunity to help his clients build something that will last and perform its proper functions for years to come.

Mike started in the roofing industry, but after several years, had a close call on a cold, slippery roof during the winter months.

Humbled by the experience, he decided to return to school to become a licensed electrician. After years of study and apprenticeship, Mike decided that he would have the best possible chance to service clients the way he wanted if he started his own company, and Gigawatts was born.

Since its founding, Mike has worked hard to ensure that Gigawatts is a representation of his own ideals – that the company provides the best possible service to its clients, and that his clients are happy to refer their friends and family to the company again and again.

This extends to the fact that Mike freely gives Gigawatts clients his personal cell phone number and invites them to call any time they have a question or concern.

This work ethic is why the company has earned multiple 5 star reviews on many reviews sites, and why it consistently maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Mike is also a proud member of the West County Chamber of Commerce, Western St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce, and the local BNI (Business Network International).

Gigawatts is now an expanding company that services all of St. Louis county and St. Charles county with any electrical inspection, repair or construction work that may need to be done.

Call (314) 447-9444 or complete the online quote request form to speak to Mike or one of his knowledgeable team members about your electrical contract work.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

Owner - Gigawatts Electric


We don’t mind telling you that when you work with Gigawatts Electric, you get the cell phone number of the owner, Mike Adams. As a client, he wants you to be able to reach him directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

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