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Experience uninterrupted power with Gigawatts Electric and Generac Home Stand Generators.

These permanently installed backup generators, powered by natural gas or liquid propane (LP), function much like a central air conditioning unit and provide automatic protection for your home. When power outages strike, rest assured knowing that your electrical system will remain powered, ensuring comfort, security, and convenience. As your trusted Generac dealer and installer in the St. Louis Metro area, Gigawatts Electric offers comprehensive solutions, including sales, installation, and maintenance.

Whether you’re in O’Fallon, St. Charles, or beyond, count on us for reliable energy resources when you need them most.

Learn more about Generac generators – reliable power solutions for residential and small business needs.

Generac Home Backup Generator

Ensure uninterrupted power for your home during severe weather and extended outages with our range of residential generators.

  • PowerPact: Automatically protects what’s most important to homeowners.
  • Synergy: Varied speed for quieter operation and improved fuel efficiency.
  • EcoGen: Solutions for off-the-grid homeowners.
  • Guardian Series: Determines power loss automatically and kicks in within seconds.
  • Protector Series: Diesel powered for more cost-effective operation.

Explore Generac home backup accessories to maximize convenience and simplify maintenance of your generator.

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Advantages of Home Generators

Experience peace of mind and convenience with home backup generators. Explore the benefits below:

  • Continuous Power Supply: Home backup generators ensure uninterrupted power during outages, keeping your home functioning smoothly.
  • Enhanced Safety: Generators provide a reliable alternative power source, reducing safety risks associated with extended power outages.
  • Convenience and Comfort: With a backup generator, you can maintain comfort by keeping essential appliances and systems operational, such as heating, cooling, and refrigeration.
  • Protection of Investments: Backup generators safeguard valuable electronic devices, prevent food spoilage, and protect against potential damage caused by power fluctuations.

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