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Panel Upgrades

Power for your house comes into the main electrical panel and from there is distributed throughout your house.

Under normal dry conditions, your electric panel will last a long time. Your circuit breakers should last 30 to 40 years, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates.

However, there are reasons why you may want or need to upgrade your electrical panel sooner….

New Construction

Gigawatts Electric is your electrical contractor for new construction in St. Charles County. We take pride in our work, in developing relationships with other contractors, and in completing jobs in a timely fashion. Time and again, we are amazed to hear stories of our competitors who bid for a job, then fail to show up. As a local, non-franchised electrical contractor, we know the value of the relationships we form with our clients and do everything possible to solidify that relationship….


Gigawatts Electric is proud to deliver full electrical contracting services to remodelers in St. Charles and St. Charles County.

Whether you are a homeowner wanting a new light installed or a contractor doing major remodeling, Gigawatts Electric can handle your electrical needs.

Home remodeling projects often require re-routing electrical wiring, running new wiring, and installing new receptacles and switches….

Electrical Inspections

An electrical inspection of your home is actually a safety inspection to ensure there are no problems with your home’s electrical system.

Gigawatts Electric has licensed electricians who are qualified to do a top to bottom inspection of your electrical system and correct any problems found.

The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends you get an electrical inspection done when….

Home Theaters

The technology for home theater systems today is light years beyond anything available as little as 15 years ago. With large-screen high definition LED and OLED televisions available, you can have a movie theater experience in your own home.

Only one problem – wiring these systems properly can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. You have satellite or internet cables, Ethernet cables, phone wires, speaker wires, and wires connecting all your components to the television. You may even have wires or cables connecting different components to each other…..

Exterior Lighting

One of the best reasons for adding exterior lighting to your home is improved security. Deck lights and porch lights let you see who is there. Floodlights can be set to come on when someone enters dark areas around your house or garage.

Walkway lights can improve safety at night by lighting the path.

Gigawatts Electric is proud to deliver full electrical services to homeowners in St. Charles County. That service includes the installation of exterior lighting. We are experienced with all types of outdoor lighting fixtures….

Why Use Gigawatts Electric?

For St. Charles homeowners, contractors, and businesses we make sure that every question is answered along the way, and we work with you to get the exact product you want – whether it’s installing a new hot tub or creating the perfect exterior lighting plan for your home.

As a local, non-franchised electrical repair company, we work with our clients as neighbors, whether our client is a homeowner or business. Since our livelihood depends on customer satisfaction, we do everything possible to give our clients what they need and want from an electrician.

For general contractors working in St. Charles, we bring professionalism and fast service to the table. We get in and get the job done, keeping your projects within your time and money budgets.

Electrical Services for St. Charles, Missouri

Our St. Charles electrical services include virtually any service a homeowner or contractor may require:


Residential Electrical Services:

  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Home renovations
  • New construction
  • Pool electrical installation
  • Hot tub electrical installations
  • Basement finishes
  • Smoke detector installations
  • Exterior and landscape lighting
  • Generators
  • Cable and home theater wiring

Commercial Electrical Work includes:

  • Conduit installations
  • Tenant finishes
  • Build outs
  • Commercial lighting
  • Electrical troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Cat5/6 cable termination
  • Transformer wiring

Industrial Electrical Services include:

  • 480v 3 phase panel installations
  • Control wiring
  • PLC/relay logic
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